Check out Where to stay in Panchgani and enjoy your holidays to fullest

Check out where to stay in Panchgani and make sure you visit our holiday bungalows which is a group of comfort and convenience that suits tourist, families, business trips, Honeymoon couples, School picnic and Senior Citizens with Friends. It has become a popular weekend destination for the residents of Mumbai & Pune. Dala Mare & Dala Rooster boasts a modern Hospitality Culture and is the best and preferred choice of most travellers where guests will enjoy their stay.

Around Dala Mare

After the success story of Dala Rooster, Capt. Gokhale envisioned an expansion plan to further offer his guests a new location for their vacations.

Thus was born the dream to create Dala Mare. With an acute interest in every aspect of its development Capt. Gokhale built this new holiday destination keeping in mind every need of his guest and their comforts during their stay with him. The construction was completed in 2014 and its been rented out from 2015.

Dala Mare is a fully furnished bungalow with six luxurious bedrooms, a fully operation kitchen and a spacious living area. The location is scenic and very different from Dala rooster, the amenities very modern but the ambience very homely. The landscape offers a serenity and calm that takes u away from the usual commercial feel of resorts and holiday homes.

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