Best holiday bungalows in Panchgani

Plan a weekend and book your holiday bungalows in Panchgani homestay where you will experience the feeling of holiday at home located in Panchgani, a popular weekend destination for the residents of Mumbai & Pune. Make yourself feel at home, along with a superb valley view and fully furnished bungalow with six luxurious bedrooms, a fully operation kitchen and a spacious living area. It gives peace, fresh breeze and privacy. Our bungalow is close to nature but not far from other places to visit on this hill station.

Around Dala Mare

Dala Mare are nestled in Panchgani which has abundance of natures wonders making the whole place a veritable paradise.

Panchgani being a popular weekend getaway for the residents of Mumbai & Pune offers some nice relaxing time as well as makes way for various activities like cycling, trekking etc. other than sightseeing.

Things to Do:

Other than sightseeing options you can choose from activities like trekking, or cycling. One can take a poni ride through the pristine oak forests to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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