Rented bungalows at Panchgani with all modern amenities available at one place

Welcome to Dala Mare & Dala Rooster our rented bungalows are best places to stay near mahabaleshwar, which is one of the most luxurious and well-maintained bungalows in Panchgani.Beautiful destination with attractive beauty that u cannot take away your eyes from…. stunning views from the bungalow, spend amazing time with family, and loved ones.

Dala Mare - Photogallery

The Bungalow

Nestled among lush greenery facing the mountains encasing Pandavgad, Dala Mare is a luxurious 6 bedroom imposing estate in Panchgani.


The greenscapes of the estate are aesthetically layed over with seasonal blooms covering its expanse almost throughout the year.


Every room at Dala Mare provides a warmth and cosy atmosphere along with fully equipped gadgets for make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Views From Dala Mare

All the Dala Mare rooms including the living room face the lush green mountains encasing Pandavgad and its backwaters.

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